the new stone age

by modern drugs



OMD's The New Stone Age, originally written in 1981 for Architecture & Morality. Cover version recorded at home on a cassette 4-track.


This is the room, this is the wall
This is the body I've been hoping for
These are the words I've been longing just to say

So this is the goal, the aim of my life
This is the feeling they warned me about
Oh my God, what have I done this time?

The thing that you've done, you don't understand
The feeling, the longing, the failing that's gone
Oh my God, what have we done this time?

(Real heart, stop in the arms, to be
Everything shouting in the new stone age
We'll start living in the real stone age)

[ Andy McCluskey ]


released March 17, 2013




modern drugs

A young patriot.

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